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Jan 17, 2006
Hey. I have been trying to figure out how to get better sound out of my Apple TV 4K 1. gen with my 2 channel stereo setup.

I have a LG B6 OLED connected to my Apple TV 4K. From the TV I use analog out to my Rega Elex-R amp that feeds my two Rega RX One speakers.
My TV is incapable of decoding Dolby Digital Plus via HDMI. If the audio on the Apple TV is sat to "Auto" I see "Dolby Digital" in the infobar on the B6. When I set the Apple TV to "Change format" to "stereo" I see PCM instead. To my ears apps like Netflix and Disney Plus actually sound a bit better in this setting and I am thinking that the Apple TV is better at downsampling from 5.1 - stereo than my TV is. On the hand I might be getting the correct stereo track from the Netflix and Disney stream this way and that explains the difference?


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Sep 21, 2018
Comic Book Store, Springfield
Just some thoughts but I am no expert….

If ultimately you are limited to just a two speaker stereo I’m not sure how many tweaks are going to make a difference. I thought PCM was normally a last resort of there were audio issues. If it sounds better though I’d go with that.

Can you go from Apple TV to your receiver then output the video to the TV through hdmi?
Then only your receiver is handling the audio.

Just curious, why the analog output from the TV?
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