change bootcamp to NTFS without using windows

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    May 8, 2011
    I recently tried using winclone to make my bootcamp partition bigger. Unfortunately the program will not allow me to restore the image to the drive as the partition is FAT32. I attend college out of state and left my windows install disk at home. Is there any way to convert from FAT32 to NTFS without installing windows?
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    Is the partition blank? Or do you want to actually do a live conversion from FAT32 -> NTFS?

    If its blank, you can reformat the partition from the command prompt in the Windows PE environment.

    Send me a PM and I'll give you a link to a Windows PE 3.1 ISO.

    EDIT: Better yet here's some Windows 7 ISO's, just burn one of them.

    Home Premium x86:
    Home Premium x64:
    Professional x86:
    Professional x64:

    If any mod complains, the links are from here - and are perfectly legal as far as I know

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