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  1. reese2147 macrumors regular

    Dec 2, 2013
    I'm aware that Apple will not allow my iCloud email address to be my primary Apple ID (it must be a non Apple email address). Is there a way to change the email address for the iTunes store (purchase receipts) to my iCloud account instead of my Apple id email address?
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    Oct 28, 2010
    There is actually a way to set your iCloud email address as your Primary addresss. This will leave your ID as gmail or whatever though. I have both @me and @icloud and this will only accept @icloud. I guess because @me is my Alternate ID and there's no way to edit it. This work around will allow all Apple receipts to be sent to your iCloud email, however anywhere you sign into iTunes, it will still show your ID (gmail, etc) unfortunately.

    1)Go to the Apple Store
    2)Sign into to your account and go to "View Account"
    3)Under View Account/Account Settings select "Change your default shipping or billing info"
    4)Under Payment Information select Edit and then change your Billing Contact email to your @icloud email. If you try @me it'll give an error that it's already associated with another Apple ID and cannot be used. Least that happens to me.
    5)Save the info

    Now under your Manage Apple ID page your Apple ID will be your gmail or whatever address and your Primary Email will be @icloud. It's not perfect and iTunes will still default to your ID no matter what you use to log in, but all Apple receipts etc will now come to you iCloud email. Hope that helps and hope Apple fixes this. The only way I've found to combine your ID and Primary under an apple domain is to create a new one with an iOS device, but then all your purchases will still be on your old ID. Major pain it seems.

    Edit: After you do this and go check it at Mange your Apple ID there will be caution box advising you your ID and Primary aren't the same and to change it. I don't think it should cause any issues, but they obviously don't like it like that.

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