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Apr 14, 2014
I would like to "black-list" apps, e-mail addresses and so on for off-work days/time.

When I get home I use the same Phone, Computer and Apple Watch, I constantly get distractions from all work related apps and e-mails that I get.

Anyone know if there is an easy way to black-list or disable notifications about this with one button?

I don't work 9-17 everyday, so I don't want to schedule this. I just want ONE button to disable these apps/mail off work and maybe my phone could see when I’m at a golfclub and disable a few apps then, but also remind me about my Golf-app. Basically I want DND to change to "Status" which are different for every situation. Work, At home, Available, Busy, Work-out, these kind of statuses should be implemented and given the option to only show related e-mail (exhange for work, gmail for home), notification and maybe even apps during this time.

I still want e-mail from my private mail and notifications from my private apps. (Actually think this also could be useful for work-time as well, so you won't get distracted by someone liking an Instagram post.)

Otherwise, I'm seriously thinking of getting this:

Sidenote: Also tweeted this to Phil Schiller in hopes for a "fix".
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Sep 7, 2007
In contacts you can make groups, add work to that group and select DND for that group perhaps?
Is this possible in contacts maybe?


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Sep 10, 2014
Montréal, QC, Canada
Love it. I'm on-call 24/7 and don't have contact information for everyone who might be trying to reach me, but I would love to suppress notifications from my work-related apps when I'm not at the office.


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Oct 17, 2011
Beyond DND that iOS provides doesn't seem like there's much else there. Certainly jailbreaking might provide some additional options, but that's not really here nor there since there's no jailbreak for iOS 10 so far and not everyone would want to use one even if one was available.