Change Finder list view icon for ALL files of a certain file type????

Discussion in 'macOS' started by qwimjim, Jan 26, 2011.

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    This is driving me nuts. Coming from windows, you want to change an icon you go to folder options, change the icon, apply to all, done. On my Mac when using list view in Finder, JPG's for instance, some will show a microscopic thumbnail, some show the icon for "Preview", others show the icon for Xee, and yet other show a blank white document with a folder corner. I even uninstalled preview because I though maybe it was interfering with Xee, but it changed nothing! Half of my JPG's still have the preview icon.

    How do I simply change the icon for EVERY jpg on my computer, so that it displays the Xee default JPG icon? There has got to be a simple way. Xee is the default application for JPG's, I have it selected in Xee but I also right clicked on a jpg, selected get info, selected "open with" and clicked change all. That file has the appropriate icon now. But nothing else. I click on another file and repeat, in the Get Info dialog it shows the Xee icon but in Finder it still shows a tiny useless thumbnail. This is driving me nuts! :)

    Any tips for pathfinder would also be appreciated.


    SOLUTION: So here's what you need to do, in finder hit CMD-J and disable "show icon preview" then click save as defaults. This will get rid of all those useless thumbnails in list and column view. If you still have a bunch of files that are stuck with an older apps icon or a blank page icon, download Iconic and drag your folder in. For me, it stripped all the icons so I was left with the default application icons, I only did this to a couple of folders that had my different file types and now every folder on my computer has the appropriate file type icons. Fantastic! Also worked in pathfinder, just CMD-J as well and turn off icon previews.
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    I see it took you about an hour to find the solution. Not bad, assuming you were probably doing a few other things in that time span. There's usually a different way of doing just about anything on a Mac compared to Windows. How it works in Windows is really irrelevant. Thanks for posting the solution for others. Glad I read the edit, or I would have posted the same thing!

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