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Discussion in 'macOS' started by acochran, Apr 12, 2013.

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    Apr 12, 2013
    Disclaimer - I am a newbie to MAC, but I am an IT Admin all Microsoft based.

    Our network consists of an Active directory Server, Exchange, File Server.

    I am only setting up 1 mac to our network. This is a new iMac and I have done the steps to add the user to active directory and I can log into the mac using any AD account. I can even mount our "common" folder to the deskto which is a network share of public documents within our company.

    How do I make his default home directory point to the network location where all of his personal documents reside?

    I am looking for best practices here and do not wish to purchase additional equipment/software because I will not be installing any more macs....

    All of our PC users have a group policy for folder redirection for their "My Documents" which are located on the server and it syncs their documents for the Server/Client. How do I mirror this setup for a MAC.

    Note - I can do without a group policy enforcement. I just want his documents located on the server so they are backed up every night. Or have it so they sync from his computer to the server (windows Server 2003 32bit)

    I have tried going to the user account on the mac and right clicking on the account then changing his home directory to the UNC path of the documents folder on our server, but it did not work once I logged back in.
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    Long-story-short: you can't. Home folder stores all(read most of) your application settings. If your server is under the LAN, then you could symlink separate folders, ie Documents, to the location on your server and setup remote auto-mounting during boot. This is how I did it, but downside - some apps may fail to work due to inability to handle symlinks.

    Or, you can "invest" (which you're willing to avoid) into this piece of software which does syncing in realtime.

    Or on the other hand, there's free solution - Dropbox which is what I'm slowly switching to.


    Oh yeah, and there's some reading for you:

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