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    Okay so I spent a lot of time looking around on a lot of forums and I couldn't find an answer so after hours of searching, I found the way to change the mission control wallpaper. Below are all the steps you will need:

    1) First find the resolution for your screen. Mine is 1680 x 1050 so I will use that in this example.

    2) Get the image you want to use and put it in an editing program ( I used pixelmator as it is the easiest in my opinion).

    3) Resize the image you want to your screens resolution.

    4) Export that file as "defaultdesktop.png" and put it somewhere easily accessible (preferably your desktop).

    5) Click on Macintosh HD, go to /System/Library/CoreServices. In that folder there is an application named dock. Right click that and click show package contents.

    6) Click contents, resources and there will be a file called defaultdesktop. If you have a few versions, use the one that has 256x256 dimensions.

    7) Make a copy of that file and put it somewhere safe that you won't forget. Now, copy your newly made wallpaper into the folder.

    8) Now it will ask you to keep both, stop or replace, click replace because you have a backup of the original.

    9) Now all that is left to do is to restart your computer and the effects will have taken place :)

    In my attachments I have an example of mine. I would just like to say thank you to David Mantia. His wallpapers are the ones used in my example so thank you too him :)


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