Change notifications/preferences on Apps that don't appear in Settings?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by kuebby, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Jan 18, 2007
    Ok, so there's 2 apps in particular that I'm having a problem with their behavior but I can't figure out a way to change them.

    First is the Huffington Post app. I guess the first time I opened it I said yes to allowing it to use my location but when the app is open the location services is constantly on (arrow in top bar), even if I press the top sleep button on my phone when the app is open the arrow stays in the top bar, which I don't like because I'm sure it wastes battery and it seems like a privacy issue as well.

    Second is the ELMS Mobile app for my university. It's based on Blackboard (which I'm sure you've heard of if you go to college/university). My problem is that under each class you can find 'Class Documents' but when you open the folder it marks all the documents as unread and displays a red badge on the icon, which is really annoying since I don't need to read every document, it doesn't live update so it's not even helpful, and they're all pdfs so it's a pain to even open every one so it goes away.

    Any help with this?
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    it should be under settings on the main menu of the iPhone or inside of the specific app. Worst case scenario delete the app and then re install it.

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