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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Macs4u, Mar 17, 2014.

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    Ive just got a brilliant deal off Gumtree (Macbook Pro 15" Non Retina, Warranty till 2016 as was a student who originally bought it and took out the extra cover for £500).

    How do i change ownership over so if i get a problem in the future, they dont insist on the original owner? Do Apple have the original owner details or will they just check its in warranty?

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    The warranty follows the MacBook Pro, not the owner. When you bring it in for service, they just check the serial number to see if that product is still under warranty or AppleCare coverage. You can check your remaining coverage by entering your product serial number here.
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    Chances are if the previous owner was a student it is on the 3 year HE warranty rather than Applecare.......

    Usually easiest to phone Apple and transfer the warranty over to yourself (no you don't need to be a student) - you will probably be asked for the previous owners name, address, email etc as a security check.
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    Since the warranty follows the product, not the owner, there is nothing that needs to be transferred from one owner to another.
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    I like Apple's way much more than Dells.

    I bought a ultrasharp from ebay and I couldn't get the original owner info, so I am stuck here with a faulty monitor.

    Good job Dell.

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