Change Power Setting = Screen Warp

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by itsbetteronamac, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. itsbetteronamac macrumors regular

    Apr 27, 2003
    Ok, so I just purchased I powerbook 15' yesterday... and I love it. But, I noticed that when I change power settings (via menu bar) my screen "warps" until I press a key or click the mouse. I don't mind it because it's only for a second... but i was wondering if this happend to anyone else?
  2. macux macrumors newbie

    Mar 19, 2005
    What do you mean "warps"

    My 17" pb had an issue where the screen shifted pixels with some horizontal lines when I inserted or removed the power cable (this changes the power settings automatically). Applecare had me send it in for a logic board replacement.
  3. itsbetteronamac thread starter macrumors regular

    Apr 27, 2003
    Yeah... that's what mine does. But, when I remove the powercord, it's fine. And my powersettings are dramatically different when using battery compared to a/c power. So do you think that I should call apple care or go to the apple store and have them check it out?

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