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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by anmldr, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I have several eBooks that are readable within the iSilo app on the iPhone. iSilo allows for a registration process for documents. It has a "User Name" which is the UUID of the device and a User ID that is based solely on the UUID of the device. I checked with iSilo's creator on this to be absolutely sure.

    It is both of our understanding that the UUID of the device cannot change. However, a customer of mine reports that his eBook stopped working and he sent me the new user ID that is shown in iSilo. It is different than the number that he had previously sent to me. I asked if he had gotten a new device and his answer was that it was the same iPhone.

    If he is telling the truth then the UUID of the device has somehow changed.

    How could this happen? Under what circumstances can the UUID of the device change (if any)? Can it change with an update on the iPhone? If a SIM card is changed? If there is a reset of the device? it impossible for it to change?

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    Resetting/restoring or swapping SIMs still keeps the same device ID. There is no way, that I'm aware of that it can change. Maybe you can spoof an ID or something by jailbreaking? I'm almost positive it cannot change on a non-jailbroken phone though.

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