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Jan 20, 2009
seems Mariner Software is transitioning MacJournal over to the initial developer Dan Schimpf Software and will no longer be affiliated with the product.

contact Dan Schimpf Software for assistance:
Web site =
Email =

this is good news for macJournal users because current 6.2.1 revision is getting a little worn out buggy.


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Sep 26, 2017
Gothenburg, Sweden
Mariner hasn’t really updated or supported it for years in a serious way, and the iOS app was an abomination. I think it got somewhat better over time, but too little too late.

I loved MJ on the Mac 10 years or more ago, but that’s about where it got stuck in time. Was a real shame to see it left to rot, so I’m glad to see it hopefully being resurrected.
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Jan 10, 2012
Wow this imported my massive Day One library perfectly - make sure to export a specific journal to json (not all to one json).

I've been playing with it for the last 15 mins and am very impressed. I love the fact that I can encrypt the database and lock it locally.

I like what I'm seeing a lot. Focus mode is pretty cool too. As someone who journals prolifically, I've spent a lot of time in Day One. Day One is a great program but this one is free, and it can import Day One exports.

It has a user here!


Jan 10, 2012
OK I've spent more time with it. The mobile app is not great. Syncing just freezes - though it appears to sync everything, it never ends, so you have to kill it. But I think the mobile app is still the old bad one, hasn't been updated in a year.

Desktop app is great. Love the focus mode where it is green text on a full screen. Wish there was a typewriter mode where it kept your text in the middle of the screen (yeah, I write a lot).

Comparing this directly to Day One:

Negatives: There is no "Entries on this day in past years" - putting several photos on an entry makes the scrolling jaggedy. The location screen has to slowly count through all your entries every time you go to it and it takes a long time to count through. The mobile app gets data but seems to be broken a bit. I can't find a way to sort ascending vs descending (an issue when you have many thousands of entries).

Positives: Very well designed application that feels solid. You can encrypt your entries and lock them. The app handles photos very well and text entry is pleasant. Love the focused writing mode - green text on a black screen that fills the entire screen.

It imports from Day One perfectly (as long as you export one journal at a time). Photos, locations, tags, text and all. A+.

I haven't figured out how to change the white background of the default editor yet, but I'll figure it out.

I really like it. I have never been super comfortable with Day One's cloud sync, but I'm sure it made sense to them to sync without problems to mobile devices - and they do it very well. At $35/year, it's not a bank breaker. That said, I like an app that I don't have to pay for that doesn't rely on other people's cloud syncs and what not.

Seriously going to consider using this as my primary journalism tool just because I'm becoming an old fart and don't like the idea of (even my encrypted) daily logs going out on some cloud server. I'm also really against a subscription $ if I can help it.

I export my monthly daily logs to a PDF - so I'll be testing this over the next month. If I end up really liking this, paying for Day One (which has been very stable and good) will be something I have to think about. $24.99/year isn't much, but I really don't want to use two apps.
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