Changes in Apple Mail


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Feb 29, 2004
Well, I really love Apple mail, but have one small gripe with it; I was wodering if any of you here might know a way around it.

I like that Mail can group, or "Collapse" incoming e-mails together, even when I have them arranged by date received. However, Mail seems only able to group things by Subject -- this is a bit annoying for me, as I send out/receive a lot of e-mails with quick one-off subject-headings (e.g., "Hey" or "News"), and so lots of unrelated e-mails sent out to different people all tend to get grouped together.
Now, I realize one way to get around this would be simply to take the time to write more detailed Subject lines, but this wouldn't entirely relieve the problem--as I say, I *receive* lots of different and unrelated "Heys" as well, and these would still be collapsed together.
Of course, I could also just arrange my incoming mail by who it is From, but I would really prefer to have the most recent mail at the top of the list, no matter who it's from.
So, ideally, I'd like to be able to have mail collapse threads/incoming mail according to who the mail is *from* rather than the *subject-line*, while keeping it so that the mail is still arranged by the most recent/recently activated thread would remain at the top of the list (so I can keep track of all my discourses on an *individual* basis).

Wow -- that's really unclear. I hope you all can make *some* sense out of all that; if not, I'll try again later. :p

Anyhow -- does anyone have any suggestions?