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    For years there's been a loose policy of being slightly more lenient about sales outside of the Marketplace for collectors. At the same time, there have been complaints from members about the inconsistency.

    In an effort to make things clearer for members, and to give moderators fewer things to have to decide on a case-by-case basis, we're making the following changes:
    1. Transactions are only allowed in the Marketplace forum. This now includes Apple collectors. The same rules apply.
    2. The Marketplace now has a subforum, complete with prefixes, for collectibles.
    3. Checking the value/worth of an item is allowed in the Apple Collectors forum, under the same conditions as in the Buying Tips and Advice forum.
    There's another important aspect to this: our Marketplace Rules were created and have evolved to protect those involved in a transaction as much as possible. We want to give collectors the same level of protection.

    As with all adjustments, we know this may not suit everyone. But based on feedback we've gotten over the past couple of years, this is a change that adds to consistency and makes the rules easier to understand (and moderate, though part of the goal is to have less of that!).
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    Thank you for these changes, gladly appreciated as always.

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