Changes to the OS if I move my hd from MBP to iMac?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by hallaisen, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I just moved the SSD hard drive I had in my Macbook Pro to my iMac. I didn't format the hard drive or make any changes to it before doing so. The first time I booted up it had some issues and everything wasn't working perfectly, but it seemed to download drivers and when I restarted most things were ok. It does still seem to search for missing hardware when it boots up, and once I get into the OS I get an error message saying this mac does not have a backlit keyboard. Is there any way I can let the OS know the hard drive is now in an iMac and not a MBP so that everything works flawlessly, or am I better of formatting the HD? I'm using Lion.

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    Also, I took the original iMac hd out and turned it into an external hd without formatting it. Is there any way I can boot up from it if I want to?
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    Everything should be fine since you re-booted and the computer downloaded things it needed.

    I once took a backup from a 2008 Mac Pro and restored it onto a 2008 iMac. Upon rebooting, it did the same thing, got a warning that the OS wasn't compatible with this Mac. The computer rebooted, downloaded some stuff and was fine. I am using that version to this day on my MacBooks.

    Run the OS X update and see what happens as far as the errors.

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