Changes to the 'Terminal App' in Mavericks? New commands?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by MacNoobGuy, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Hi all, I'd like to start learning how to really make good use of the Terminal App. Did Mavericks change how the Terminal App works or are there new commands? Either way, I'm a complete noob, but I've got a tutorial for the Terminal here from that I was about to start using.

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    The terminal doesn't change much if at all between releases since it's mostly *NIX commands. Be aware that monkeying around in terminal can result in an unbootable system - it is not a place for playing around.

    apple hasn't said anything about changes to the commands AFAIK and I wouldn't expect any changes.
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    Bash scripting

    You'll want to learn the VIM text editor

    I'd then install something like Ubuntu Server into Virtualbox:

    Get some understanding of UNIX/Linux filesystem structures

    You'll need to know about permissions:

    Shell commands (note there is some minor differences here between the GNU Linux tools and the mostly BSD ones in OS X)

    The skills are mostly transferable between Linux and OS X and you wont run the risk of messing up your OS X installation if you use Linux in Virtualbox
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    It seems you have a misunderstanding of how works. Terminal isn't a standalone application; all it is is an alternate user interface for you to use your Mac with. The "commands" themselves are actually applications stored in /usr/bin and /bin. You run them by typing them into the shell, which is the standard interface of Terminal. Usually, on Unix systems, the shell is bash.

    There's a ton of great literature out there; some of which has already been mentioned by previous posters. Here's one great book to get you up to speed:

    Happy hacking. Also, I'd recommend creating a barebones Linux VM to toy around with before you begin to actually use Mac OS X's built-in shell and utilities.
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