Changing Apple ID - Is it worth it?

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    Hi all,

    I currently have a two-Apple IDs setup with my ID acting as my iTunes Store account that I use for all purchases and my ID acting as my email and iCloud account. I've considered abandoning the ID altogether multiple times for various reasons. The major reason is so that when I setup my devices I just need to enter one Apple ID and not go in and change all the Apple IDs for the iTunes Store. Also I wanted to make a purchase with the Apple Store app, however, that app is linked to the account you use to purchase apps and so I couldn't have the receipts sent to my email. I have about $700 of purchases linked to my Apple ID, however, I was thinking that if I could move all my music to a new iTunes library and then turn iTunes Match on for that iTunes Library (with the account) then all my music would also be linked to my account, am I correct? Also, I calculated that most of the apps I use now are free, or quite cheap, and so I could re-download them with the new account no problem. Obviously I would lose some money in this process so I was wondering if you guys think it's worth it or not?

    Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions,
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    Seems like an awful lot of work and expense so that you don't have to setup a separate Apple ID for the iTunes Store when you first load a device. Seeing as how it's something that you're just going to setup and never have to bother with again until you change devices.....seems like it wouldn't be worth it.
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    Although I wouldn't do it, just to save putting two accounts in. You may find on the music side you don't need to go to all that trouble, DRM was dropped from music purchases in march 2009, so music bought since then will work anywhere and is not required to be signed into a particular account.

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