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    I am trying to change my Apple ID from my @college email, to an address. I can sign into iTunes with my @me address, however it still shows my @college email address as being singed in. When I go edit my Apple ID in iTunes to the address it says, "You cannot change this Apple ID to use an existing MobileMe address. If you would like to use your MobileMe account and sign in using your MobileMe information. This email is already associated with an Apple ID. If it is yours, you can cancel and sign in using that Apple ID." When I do this however, it still show my @college email address. I am trying to completely purge my life of my college email address and do not want anything sent there. Any advice on how to get this done?
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    You will always have to use the college email though if you want to be able to play the purchases made using that email. Otherwise, contact iTunes support and they will tell you how to change you r email settings so that you don't get any email there.

    You can't change you AppleID completely because purchases are tied to that particular email. I learned this same lesson when I used my Live Hotmail account for iTunes and wish that I could just move away from it. So essentially, you will always have 2 AppleIDs.

    What you need to do is:
    1. Log in to your account on iTunes.
    2. Click on "edit" for your AppleID.
    3. Click the link to
    4. Log in to your account
    5. On the left, select "Language and Contact Preferences"
    6. de-select the Email checkbox under "Communication from Apple."
    7. Log out

    That should be it. You might receive one more email to confirm your changes, but other than that, just update the settings with your alternate email address(new AppleID) and that will be one less thing with your college email.
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    You can change your Apple ID email address. I've done it before. Purchases are tied to your Apple ID account, not an email address.

    What you can't do, is change the email of an existing Apple ID account to a .me email address. .me email addresses come with an Apple ID account pre-associated with them. Since you cannot combine Apple ID accounts, you can't change your existing account to use a .me address because the .me address already has an Apple ID account associated with it.

    OP, if you want to migrate away from your college email address, I'd recomment getting a Gmail account (or similar) and changing your Apple ID email to that. Use that email for store purchases, and you can still use your .me address for iCloud if you need to.
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    Awesome, thanks for the advice. I just don't understand why I have to have an email that isn't an @me address. I'll follow the advice of just using my gmail address so I can get away from my college email. I may contact apple or pop my head in next time I'm around an apple store to see if they can do something on their end.

    I believe you're right when you said they are tied to an account and not a specific email address. If the email address was that important, I would think I wouldn't be able to change it and still view my content. It isn't vital, since apple contacts me via my @me address, it's just one of those annoying things I'd like to get fixed. I guess that's the apple OCD in me. Thanks again for the advice!
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    Same issue here.

    I struggled with this for a while. My only solution was to add another email address (although I DID add a .me address, I forget how) as a secondary email address that you can use to sign in... but alas, pretty much impossible to purge the original email without just having to substitute another email address in its place as the primary.

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