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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by karmom929, Sep 28, 2015.

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    Question. Daughter is getting her 1st iphone. Her ipad is set up using my email address as the apple id. I set up an email address for her, can I change the apple id on her ipad to this new email adress? And set up the phone with the new Apple id as well for linking purposes? I know she will imessage more friends now and I don't want her having to continue to use my email adress for her id. I hope my post is not confusing.
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  3. karmom929 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 25, 2015
    Thanks bandofbrothers. If I change the id, will it delete all her saved music and games? I would like to possible back up and save her stuff.
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    There's a couple of different issues here. One is the apple ID that was used to set it up in the first place. You will have to wipe it and set it up again with her apple ID to get rid of that (you'll need to enter your apple ID/password due to activation lock, but after that, use hers). Since she's your daughter, I would suggest not doing this, and only doing it if for some reason she needs to wipe it and set it up again.

    To change over to her apple ID without wiping, identify where you need to change your Apple ID. The big ones are iCloud, Messages, Facetime and the App/iTunes Store. Others might be Notes, Mail, Wallet, GameCenter, Facebook, etc., anywhere you might have used your email or otherwise have personal information. You wouldn't need to do a full wipe and resetup just to do this. Just sign your apple ID out, and hers in. As for her music and games, if they were purchased on your apple ID, you might look into Family Sharing. There isn't any way to move them to her apple ID, but with Family Sharing, she can use your stuff. The phone may squawk and want you to enter your apple ID/password when doing things like restoring, but for the most part it shouldn't be a problem. New stuff should definitely go on her apple ID.
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    My hubby and I phones are android, so excuse all the questions. If I keep everything as is and do this family sharing per say. Is there a way for her to have her own facetime and messaging id? I wanted to have her phone all set when we give it to her but may need to run by the Apple store.

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