Changing Computers, Keeping Prefs


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Apr 10, 2002
Title may be a little misleading, but here is the deal. I have a Mac Mini, and a Tibook, I would like to copy every last thing from my powerbook to the mini. I know there is the setup assistant, but will that copy all data, or just settings? I'm thinking maybe target disk mode, but I'm wondering if there is a fail safe way for me to do this..


- Rick


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Dec 7, 2003
Rick, Setup Assistant does a good job of copying data and settings using Target Disk mode, but does not promise to copy every last thing. In my recent experience the Twain driver for an Epson scanner did not survive, nor a cable driver for a particular cell phone back up usb cable. It was an easy matter to solve the very few problems that Setup Assistant left. Good luck!
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