Changing dock and folder icons in OS X question

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by mac000, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Sep 6, 2005

    I've downloaded some icons from and I would like to change my dock icons and folder icons. How do I go about doing this?

    Secondly question, is there a way to reset the icons to their "Tiger" icons that came booted with my computer, if so how?

    Thanks people.
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    To change the icons of things in the dock, just change the icon in the Finder. Example: Changing the icon of iTunes (assuming it is in your dock), go to the applications folder, find iTunes and change its icon. Upon restart the icon will show up in the dock.

    As for resetting your icons to the original icon, the only way I know how to do this is individually by cutting the icon. Example: You change the icon of you user folder (home folder) and then change it back by Getting info, selecting the icon, and selecting Cut from the edit menu.

    Hope that helps.
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    Find the folder, or the Application that you want to change the icon for. Click on the folder/application and press Command-i to bring up the information window for the folder/application. At the top left of the information window a small version of the icon will be shown.

    Now, click on the Icon that you want to use for the folder/application and press Command-i to bring up the infomation window for the icon file. You will be able to click on the small icon in the Information window for the icon file and then press Command-C to copy the Icon image. Now go to the Information window for the folder/Application you want to change and click on the icon image in the Information window and press Command-V (paste) to paste the new icon in place.

    Note: the new icons for any Applications that are in your Dock may not show up until you log out and log back in.

    Not that I am aware of. A simple, but tedious way is to copy the icons from another OS X machine. An alternative is to create a folder for each Application that you plan to change the icon of and first copy the original icon to the folder that you create. (You could create empty files, but folders consume less disk space). This way you are keeping a backup of changed icons so that you can use the backup icons to go back to the original look and feel.
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    May 2, 2003
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    Get will save you a ton of trouble and stress in the present and in the future.
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    Jan 6, 2004
    i second this. CandyBar is great, has a trial period and will let you test it out. it really, really, really makes this super easy to do. although you'll have to log out most likely to see the changes take place.

    also, it lets you custimize icons within packaged apps too. how neato!

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