Changing from Tiger to Leopard

Discussion in 'macOS' started by otispunkmeyer, Mar 22, 2008.

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    I think im gonna do it, and in the process im going to end my woeful time of running solidworks 2008 via parallels and instead use bootcamp to run XP properly. the only way i can legitimately do that is to have leopard since you cant have the bootcamp beta no more:(

    anyway..... i dont really wanna start afresh, i have things how i wish and dont want nor do i have the time to restore things.

    im not sure my HD is gonna be big enough for a archive and install, so is it ok to do this instead?

    1) make a read only backup (bootable) of my current tiger install
    2) do a erase + install from the leopard disc
    3) use migration assistant to bring back all my apps and settings?
    4) in the event of a tits up occurance... i can restore tiger from the backup.

    will that work?

    at present i have about 55gb left of my 160gb internal drive, if i delete my windows xp VM from parallels that should bring in another 15gb. would 70Gb be enough for an archive+install? im guessing no.
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    What would happen if you use an old CD with Boot Camp beta?
    Will it work or it's forbidden due to some apple updates?
    Is illegal to use it?
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    it appears that apple must of released an update that kills the beta boot camp assistant. they must of done this on leopards launch as BC is part of leopard now.

    however, changing the date from 2008 to 2007 makes everything work again. i just tried it and the assistant loads up fine, i burnt the drivers disc, but when i went to partition it said it couldnt because some files couldnt be moved.

    im not sure if this a purposful error on apples behalf, or because i have partitioned this drive before and then recombined them when i decided not to use BC anymore

    guess leopard is the only way for me, just as well, since i want to get leopard

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