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    Hi everyone!

    This is my first post.

    In all previous versions of OS X a users has had the option to change their full name or display name. In 10.10 it seems that this ability has been removed.

    I manage a couple of high school student labs and have always set up fresh standard accounts at the beginning of school based on the period of the day, student1, student2 etc... Students choose where they are going to sit for the year and login and set up their account and change the Full Name to their own name while the short name/ account name remains as student1, student2 etc... This has allowed for an easy setup for local accounts in the lab with out the need for my admin account to make these changes on all the seats. Is anyone aware if this ability will come back to the final release? I am testing the public beta so was wondering if anyone might have a different beta where this is possible.

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    Yes, the administration of the user accounts looks now a little bit different than in the previous versions of OS X.

    To change the 'Full Name' etc. go to the 'System Preferences', 'Users & Groups' and with Ctrl+Click (Right-Click) on the Icon of the User (left column in the current users list) you get the advanced Options where you can change the settings.

    The machine's name is btw. still changeable in the 'Sharing' settings.
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    Sure hope this ability returns

    I really hope that the ability to change the Display Name by a standard user returns. This has been one feature that has made administration of a lab of Macs a breeze. The creation of multiple generic accounts on each Mac of which a student (standard account) could change their display name has been priceless the past 7 years I have managed the Lab. With this new change I will now be forced to log in and change the display name myself for each of the 100+ students that are taking my class.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to streamline this process?
    This is a digital photography class where students are generating many gigs of data. Having the users on a server is not really an option because of the volume of data stored and I would like to stay with local accounts.

    At this point I am thinking that I may not be upgrading the Lab to Yosemite and I really would like to. This one feature is the only thing that is holding me back.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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