Changing iTunes accounts with a different computer.

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    My mom and I share a computer and she's gone crazy and changed the password for our iTunes account. So now I can't download any apps or update the ones I have. Is there any way to get on my dad's account (parents are divorced) without losing any of the apps, pics, vids, etc...? Is there a way to do it without having to sync it with his computer? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Nope, those apps are linked for authorization to the account that downloaded them. She needs to give you the password or you need to create your own account. The latter will result in any apps or music not working on your device however.
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    Say sorry to your mum for logging up shuch a large bill on her credit-card from your iTunes/app store shopping.

    Promise her you'll be good and pay her back and show her some free Apps that your really need.

    Maybe she'll forgive you.

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