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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by DeadSirius, Mar 18, 2007.

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    Sep 16, 2006
    A while ago, I used Bootcamp 1.1.2 to get Windows to install on my Mac Pro. I've continued to use a Pro Keyboard instead of the MP's included keyboard, because the layout was nicer. In Windows, I never did get the numeric keypad or eject key to work (in spite of Apple's claim that this issue was resolved), but I made due without. I've been using Windows just great for a few months.

    Today, the Pro Keyboard finally died, so I've had to break out the Mac Pro's keyboard. Unfortunately, Windows just won't recognize it. Furthermore, it won't see the mouse either, so I'm stuck at Window's login screen. If I boot with the (broken) Pro Keyboard and then switch keyboards out, Windows claims it's a "generic hub", and since the mouse won't work with it, I can't get it to go any further.

    I've since burned a new Mac Drivers CD (1.1.2), and installed it (with the broken keyboard), but that doesn't appear to have made any difference other than resetting my monitor. So I'm up against a wall. How am I supposed to get a new keyboard driver into Windows, when it won't even recognize the keyboard as a keyboard?


    I thought maybe I had made some progress when I tried connecting both keyboards at the same time. Windows then asked all the popup installation questions, and then miraculously appeared to recognize the Mac Pro keyboard. However, that was with the Pro Keyboard connected to the back, and the Mac Pro keyboard on the front. Once I unplugged the Pro Keyboard from the back, Windows stopped seeing the Mac Pro keyboard, and continues to ignore it if it's the only keyboard attached, front or back. This, in spite of going through all the "new hardware" questions and answers when they were both connected. Ånd it appears to still be impossible to get into Windows without a working mouse, which ultimately requires the Pro Keyboard.
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    Sep 16, 2006
    Never mind...

    Suddenly it stopped recognizing any keyboard at all. I had to re-install Windows. But at least now, the Mac Pro keyboard works in Windows.

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