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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by connfamily, Jul 6, 2013.

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    Apr 20, 2010
    My husband and I each bought a 13inch mac air today. Mine is fine, but his is coming up with my account name. He has his own icloud account and it shows that, but when he tries to add his yahoo account my name keeps showing up and his e-mail account won't add to his new mac. He does have it on his ipad and iphone, but can't get it on his mac.

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    This may be happening because you tried to split a once shared user account into two distinct accounts at the migration stage. I have no idea why it won't let you change the email address, but you can go to Accounts in System Preferences, unlock it, select the troublesome user, and click the Set button next to Apple ID. That should fix it.
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    It's not clear. What kind of "accounts" are you talking about?

    1) The Mac's log-in account
    2) Apple's "Apple ID" iCloud account
    3) eMail account.

    All those are different and the information is stored in different places, even if you use the same user name and password, those are all different kinds of accounts.

    I suggest you try this...

    1) on each computer make a minium of two log in accounts (1) an account to normal daily usage that is NOT and administraitor account and (2) and "Admin" account with a user name like 'admin" or "the boss" or whatever. Always use #1.

    Log in useing #1 and enter your Apple ID and email accounts. I don't like using the same name and password for each.

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