Changing Slide Background and Themes in Powerpoint or Keynote

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    Hi Guys,

    So I have several CME Conference Lectures (slides made in PPT). Unfortunately, I guess these presenters love color, and so all slides are in a blue background with white text or some variation thereof. Personally, I like to have a print out of the slides when I am reading/preparing for my future cases. etc. and so I physically print these slides out. Unfortunately, the unnecessary background color is an unnecessary burden on my printer, and so I was wondering how I can change the the background and text in one shot so I don't have print out the unnecessary color.

    I have tried trying to change the background from within powerpoint, but because the text is often in white, this causes the text to "disappear" on a white background. The only way to get the text back is to change the text color on a slide by slide basis. This is fine if the presentations are short, but most of these presentations are 200+ slides.

    I was hoping there is some trick either in powerpoint or keynote to be able to change slide themes (such that background and text can change in one shot).

    Thanks in advance to those who can help!
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    Getting rid of backgrounds

    In Keynote:

    Cmd + P, click the downward arrow, select 'keynote' on the spinner, check 'Don't print slide background or object fills'

    That'll get rid of all the background colors and change the font to black (I think... It may depend on the fonts original color)

    Hope that works!
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    If you have Powerpoint 2008 you can click on 'Slide Themes' in the Ribbon:

    Then click on 'Themes in Presentation', and while the Ribbon is still expanded open the 'Formatting Palette' and choose another Slide-Background (preferably a white one!).

    This should also a set the text to a complementary color.
  4. decksnap macrumors 68040


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    IT depends on whether or not the background is in the slide master or if they just copied and pasted the graphics from slide to slide. If it's in the master, just change it in one place and you're good.
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