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Discussion in 'iPad' started by RICARDOVASCO, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Hi there. My GF went to Apple store at Lincoln Road, Miami today at 7 am. She was the 20th on the line so the Apple person said there were only 2 tickets reservation for the AT&T Ipad. I said to her to get even the wifi ticket reservation because she could try inside the store. What do you guys think? Is it possible to change and buy and 3G even having the wifi ticket? I mean, they said the tickets expire at 1 pm so if she goes there now , she could chose another model available or she can only buy the one she got the ticket?

    Another question guys. She found a AT&T 16GB. I mean, this one would be ok because is 3G. I'd like to know if I can plug any external HD or pendrive to expand the 16GB memory easily? If yes, I'd buy this one.

    Thank you guys soo much!

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    No. They only have tickets for the iPads they have.
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    No, the memory or storage in an iPad cannot be expanded or supplemented with external drives / pendrives: What you get is what you are stuck with for the life of the iPad
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    Considering the $100 difference between sizes and the inability to expand, get the largest size you can afford.

    Oh.. And the ticket you are given has a number on it, the matching number is taped on an iPad. You go into the store hand over the ticket and get that iPad and only that iPad. Perhaps you can trade with someone else in line prior to purchase, but Apple will just offer up the one that you have the ticket for.
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    Im not lucky. The guy from Radio Shack who said he had a 16gb 3g was confused. It was only 16b wifi. I think they are trying to pull the rest of the stock so they give the wrong information.
    Anyway, as I told you , I got a Ipad ticket reservation for today until 1 pm. They guy just wrote with pen "64 wifi (blk)". Do you guys think if I write the world (3G) it will pass? LOL

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