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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by snookiee, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Here's the story. Last night I was in bed watching netflix, with my white 09-10 macbook open and the charger in. When I woke up this morning the computer was on the floor, still open, with the charger no longer in it. When I went to plug it in, The magnets were much weaker and simply placing it in the port did nothing, I now have to angle it a certain way for the light to come on.

    I'm guessing that I fell asleep and rolled over, knocking the macbook off the bed ports-side first. When it hit the ground, the charger (which would have still been connected) was jammed into the charge port and pushed it into the computer a millimeter or two.

    I'm really afraid that my stupidity is going to end up costing a lot of money to fix... Is there no way I could simply open it up and move the ports back or something? Thanks.
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    Lucky for you MagSafe boards are cheap, assuming you didn't damage everything else and that you can open it up and replace the part yourself you could be out as little as $50 or less.
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    Go to they have great guides to open it up.
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    Wow, this was my first post, and I must say, this community is awesome. So helpful guys, thanks.
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    But only do steps 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10. All others are not necessary. Once you have completed those steps you will be able to access the two screws directly below the LVDS / Display Data cable that secure the MagSafe board. Loosen them off, line up the small board with the opening for the MagSafe port in the case and then tighten them up again. Reverse the process to finish the job. It's actually quite simple and shouldn't take long.[/QUOTE]

    Worked like a charm! Thank you!!

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