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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dukebound85, Aug 22, 2016.

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    What is your charging current? I am using the following app: Battery Life: Check internal battery statistics to see what my charging current was as I thought I had some bad cables. What I noticed was:

    iPhone charger: ~600mA current for the charger max output of 1000ma

    iPad charger: ~600mA current for the charger max output of 2100ma

    Is this normal? I have an iPhone SE. Shouldn't the iPhone charge faster than this?

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    The phone regulates how fast it will charge. Using an iPad charger will possibly decrease the charge time slightly but will not cut the time in half.
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    If you are below 80% the charger should output full power. If you are using the standard 1000mA charger it should charge at almost that. My 6 will charge at about 980mA or so with that charger. If I put it on the 12w charger it charges at 1103mA! It does make a slight difference in speed! Also you need to use the apple cable or an apple approved cable. I bought some knockoffs from eBay and they don't charge as fast! They charge at about 600-700mA on both chargers! Gotta be careful! Hope this helps!

    I should add as you get closer to full charge the current will decrease in a linear fashion if you aren't using the device until it reaches the full voltage.

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