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  1. fanatic, Jun 17, 2011
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    Jun 17, 2011

    Okay kind of hard to explain, this happens when im charging the phone, the charging cable is never unplugged when problem is happening.

    1. basically i'll charge the phone for whatever time it takes and the battery meter will completely fill up & the battery icon on top right will show the plug symbol & 100 %

    2. the problem is that randomly the main battery meter will show a little bit empty and the battery icon changes to the charging symbol, however the percentage still shows 100 % :confused:

    it corrects itself after 5 minutes by showing everything full & charged again, but it randomly happens every so often, and the power cable is never disconnected

    now i had the phone replaced by apple after showing them screen shots etc but the replacement phone is doing the same :confused:

    using 4.3.3, battery life seems normal, just confused why the battery meter is showing full 1 minute & then bit empty the next, before it goes back to full

    ive also tried a full restore and reset and issue still happening
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    Advice: Stop agonizing over the Battery Percent and enjoy your phone.
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    Jun 17, 2011
    but its not the percentage which im worried about :cool:

    1 minute the battery meter shows full & the next its a little empty & then goes back to full again...... all with the power cable connected :p

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