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Discussion in 'iPad' started by ghsNick, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. ghsNick, Mar 19, 2012
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    May 25, 2010
    So I've been having trouble plugging in the charger on my new iPad. The iPad 1 plugged in very easily (like my iPhone 4S and iPod Classic) but I'm noticing with the curve near the charging port it's a little harder to plug in sometimes.

    I was just wondering how solid everything is because I would gate to create a problem (over time) from plugging it in and out.
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    May 25, 2010
    Im looking into the charging port and realizing that the little prongs that stick off each side (of the charger) have scratched (very small) the inner walls to the charging port.

    Is this normal?

    I also realized the new chargers plug in more easily than the charger I got a couple years ago.
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    Apr 30, 2010
    Yes those little prongs that stick out the side are to provide metal to metal friction to prevent the plug from falling out. Scratching is normal INSIDE the port.

    Try to relax and enjoy your device.;)
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    Mine is tight but works just fine, I always thought the port on my IPad 1 was a tad loose. The new IPad has a more positive feel to it.
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    Ok thanks. Yeah it's a little on the outside since they stick out and you have to push it in. The thing I realized is the newer chargers seem to have more flexible prongs. I tried using my girlfriends old charger and I kind of had to shove it in since the prongs were stiffer.

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