Charley Patton, Robert Johnson et al

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    Anybody still listening to the old blues players?

    Robert, Charley, Skip James, Son House and associated.
    I've been into these for quite a time, 30yrs or so, and have read a number of dry and self appointed 'scholarly' works about the life and times of the old bluesmen and women.
    I've got a little tired of the super accurate filtered facts approach of the biographers, sometimes they read like shopping lists, and was thinking of maybe trying some fact based ficitionalised biographies of my own to try and bring some of the lives to life, so to speak.

    Is there still a general interest in these players and singers from the old times or have they become a niche for guitar and harmonica players?
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    I say no; although with the audience more enthusiasts its hard to know where to start. Trapped between those scholarly books and those 40 track compilations (which I wont touch) theres not much to feed a (fairly) passive interest. Would love to hear some suggestions; any chance of eliciting a Delta/early blues playlist/primer? Chars!

    Oh, and in response to your wonderings, definitely go for it! Regardless of audience volume art's good for the soul. I'd personally love to think Robert Johnson sold his soul- I mean man, that'd be a great story if it wasn't true;)
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    All of these are available on youtube (strangely enough)

    Tommy Johnson - Maggie Campbell Blues
    Cool Drink of Water

    Robert Johnson - Up Jumped The Devil
    Come on In My Kitchen
    Hellhound on My Trail

    Charlie Patton - Moon Goin Down
    Pony Blues

    Skip James - Hard Time Killin' Floor
    Devil Got my Woman
    Crow Jane

    Son House - Grinnin' in your Face
    Levee Camp Moan

    All worth a listen if you're looking for a place to start.
    For old style blues brought forward check out R.L Burnside or Junior Kimbrough.
    To listen to it get twisted around and distorted out of shape - Tom Waits or Nick Cave.
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    Hey, thank you very much for the primer- wanted to work my way through before extending my appreciation, particularly for the Tommy Johnson. Looking forward to much further exploration; thank you, and I wish you the best with your writing.


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