Chat support available! (there's a catch)

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    Woohoo. It is 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning and the Apple Support page says there is now chat support for MobileMe questions. Maybe now I can finally get some consistent syncs going. You know, when you know the sync happens in all directions, within minutes of data entry. Where you don't have to close and relaunch the desktop apps, or hit manual sync 50 times, or reset the data, you know, syncing.

    Click on chat, give them my name...wait....

    WHAT? "A MobileMe Representative will be with you in approximately 125 minutes. We look forward to answering your questions." Oh crap!
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Oh you thought you were the only one that has problems. Silly you. Yes can everyone get off the chat lines so this guy can get his stuff fixed, thank you. There you go sir, you should be next.
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    Jul 15, 2008
    The world's longest minute...brought to you by Apple

    The world's longest minute...brought to you by Apple.

    Even the people at the Apple Store in Boston commented on how long the chat feature took.

    Apple should take down the text reply that says "We'll be with you in 1 minute" is so microsft-ish.


    'There are lies, damn lies - and statistics.’

    ...and we have become statistics.

    I refuse to be assimilated!
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    Once you connect to tech support in chat - it's thorough

    Yes, there's along wait. On Thursday afternoon, my projected 15 minute wait was closer to an hour and 10 minutes. On Friday, my projected 35 minute wait was 2 hours. HOWEVER, when I connected, I was on with technical support for 2.5 hours on Thursday and 2 hours on Friday.

    They troubleshot - downloaded my data from MM trying to see what the problem was - very thorough and while the problem wasn't solved, it was identified. So if there are others like me ahead of you in the queue (as there apparently were for me), you'll wait as I did. Eventually, they'll give you the time needed to identify and try to solve the problem. Remember, they are seeing problems and researching if there is a bug or an incompatibility or corrupted data or what. They also know the wait times are too long.

    In my case, the problem could not be resolved as it turns out Entourage which I use as my primary email, contact list, notes, calendar application is NOT supported by Apple (even though I'm solely a Mac user and have used it for years). I have it working fine with iCal and with Address Book (and syncing with my iPhone via iTunes which I went back to) on my computer. But it doesn't work at all with MM. Data in iCal and in Address Book that originated with Entourage has something in it that doesn't work on MM.

    See, complicated problem to identify. NOW they know about this issue. Next it may not take so long as they can ask questions like "is iCal your primary calendar?" do you enter the data directly etc.?"

    I'm frustrated too; I spent hours trouble-shooting the problems on my own before I even connected with chat. AND the finding means MM has very minimal usefulness to me as I find Entourage (oddly enough since it's a MS application) more user friendly than AB Mail iCal etc. Moreover, if I were to consider switching - I'd have to enter new data into iCal AB - I could not import. With over 541 contacts some with attached notes and information, with Calendar data that goes back and forward several years serving a record-keeping function - I can't.

    But remember with the chat waits that there are many issues than are at the source of the problems and until they can identify the most frequently occurring ones - and the ones that are solely MM based and their problem - it will take a lot of time.

    I do think they should post known problems, incompatibilities, bugs to save themselves and us time and effort, and let users know if problems will be or are being addressed (or are more along the lines "change the way you work or don't use MM" as it appears to be in my case).
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    Jul 15, 2008
    cbronfman: good post

    Good post cbronfman, and it is refreshing to see you admit you are frustrated yet willing to acknowledge Apple's dropping the ball one this one. They are indeed working it all out and they are customer oriented. but most of this could've been averted.

    Fire those damned programming geniuses or the fools that rolled this out without a good testing analysis.

    I love most Apple products, but come on...rushing out a software tool like this without knowing what would happen to existing customers was a terrible decision.

    As a long time dotmac customer I am pee-oed. I will get over it, but Apple had better watch it's step.
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    Feb 9, 2008
    I can't understand is why I can't call them for support; they forced me to email them and now they said they don't know what's going on, so they forwarded my message to the appropriate department who has yet to respond... I'm still waiting after a week!

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