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    Looking for universal Chat app? Tired of various apps? lightroomapps. developed for you brand new app TalkRoom - Multiservice instant messenger. Take all you need just in one app!
    All bugs have been fixed and app now works perfectly!
    TalkRoom - The 7-in-1 instant messenger for iPhone/iPad.
    "TalkRoom for iPhone is fast, simple, and effective." -

    Here is what TalkRoom lets you do:

    ★ 7-in-1 instant messenger
    TalkRoom is your place to talk, with MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo and your ICQ accounts fully supported.

    ★ Push Notifications
    Enable push notifications and stay in touch with all your friends 24/7. Sent straight to your front screen, so you won’t miss a message.

    ★ Built-in web browser
    We put a built-in web browser right into TalkRoom so you can effortlessly follow up any links sent in your chats.

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    ★ Multiple accounts
    Whether you need to be available for your boss or want to be in touch with your friends TalkRoom makes it easy for you.

    ★ Chat history
    We made sure you can read through all of your chats regardless of how much time has passed with our chat history system.

    ★ Beautiful and elegant
    Beautifully designed and elegantly crafted so you can use the most beautiful chat app available for your iPhone and iPad.

    ★ Contacts search
    Easily find the person you need to contact with our easy-to-use contacts search. Simply type their name and watch them appear.

    ★ Custom statuses
    Customize your account status for all 7 different services. Whether on the job, at home or having fun - you can tell everyone about it.

    ★ Contacts groups
    Organize your contacts in any of your chat services according to who's online and who's offline. It makes chatting sense.

    ★ Avatars
    Seeing is believing, and our in-line support for avatars proves it - just so you know who you're talking to.

    ★ Copy/Paste
    From contact details, address, phone numbers and more - easily copy and paste any information sent to you.

    ★ Sound/Vibro notifications
    With a full array of either sound or vibration notifications, you'll be sure to notice incoming messages when they appear.
    Download TalkRoom now!!!
    Note that TalkRoom for AIM, TalkRoom for Yahoo, TalkRoom for MSN apps were updated and now available for free. Go get it!!!
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