Chcharging using a vehicle utility plug USB adapter

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by DavidCee, Oct 26, 2015.

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    there has been lots of discussion about charging iPhones & iPads using wall chargers. Lots of talk about how the chargers only put out so much current & devices limit charging current.

    OK, how about the USB adapters that plug into the cigarette lighter outlet. Now I guess nowadays they are called utility outlets. Anyway the 12 VDC outlet in the dash;)

    How much power is provided thru these?

    And how long would it takes to drag a car battery down to point where it would be noticeable when starting a vehicle?

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    It varies from USB plug. I have dual 12w usb plugs in all my outlets in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. So i have plenty of power plugs for any passengers or devices I use. The in dash USB plugs are very weak but work in a pinch. I know it sounds crazy but between the factory installed USB ports and the USB plugs I have 9 usb ports in my car
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    Car chargers vary depending on manufacturer. Also, they sometimes say one ouptut number but is intended for both ports.

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