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Feb 29, 2012
Does anyone know of cheaper insurance options other than AppleCare to insure my incoming new iPad? I've always felt like extended warranties were huge ripoffs, but I know that I'd become enormously upset if I somehow messed up the Retina Screen, and had to pay for a replacement out of pocket. I used my iPad 2 often enough anyway...

I believe I read on this forum about cheaper insurers something like $60 initial buy-in with a low deductible. Does anyone have any personal experience to tell of with non-Apple insurers?


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Apr 22, 2008
I remember hearing something about if you charge it, you can buy an extended warranty through your credit card company, but not sure if that was true or not.


May 3, 2010
I remember hearing something about if you charge it, you can buy an extended warranty through your credit card company, but not sure if that was true or not.

Many "premium" (and some not premium) cards offer 90-day loss/damage insurance coverage for purchases made with the card at no cost. Some cards will double a manufacturer's warranty but there are fine-print limitations/exclusions that differ by card issuer.

And while extended warranties may be "rip-offs" in many cases, there are distinct advantages to Applecare+. It's relatively cheap insurance for a portable device and should you decide to sell it in a year to get the next iPad, it will have value to the purchaser allowing for a better resale price.


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Oct 14, 2011
The best thing about apple care is you can take it directly to an apple store if you have one close by vs mailing it out; have you priced what it will cost to mail it with full insuracne?

Plus with apple care you extend tech support to 2 years.


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Nov 8, 2006

SquareTrade is only $10 cheaper than AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ gives replacements/repairs under warranty (non-accidental damage) for free. SquareTrade is $49 for all incidents.

I think I'd take the convenience of AppleCare+ replacements / repairs at a local Apple Store.


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Apr 16, 2011
Does anyone have experience with this company? I'm also looking for an AppleCare+ alternative.

In my case, I bought 5 iPhones 4S from Sprint. Just my luck Sprint decided to offer NO INSURANCE for ONLY the iPhones (!!!) so I had to look elsewhere. As someone who always insured my phones for breakage AND LOSS OR THEFT the Applecare+ option did not fit the bill. I over the years had both breakage and loss so I looked for options.

Being that there were few options I stumbled on this new company, Securanty who offered iPhone coverage for the same $99 for 2 yrs as Applecare+ but also included loss and theft so I took the plunge. Needless to say that within 2 (count em, 2) days of getting the phones and policy my daughter's iPhone was stolen!! Since the company was new there were a few glitches and it took about a week but I did get paid for a new iPhone less the deductible.

Again, my experience was one of straight insurance, not repair. I am glad to see that they changed their pricing since the initial $99 for 2 years of repair and loss and theft made no sense from a business point of view. Their current pricing makes more sense.

Since losing an iPad is less likely than losing an iPhone and considering that I may want to upgrade next year a one year policy may make more sense for me.
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