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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SFStateStudent, Jun 16, 2008.

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    via your iPhone? It's an older article, but not certain if it works. I don't make international calls at present.

    Cheap International Calls
    When on the go, I have been using a 'virtual calling-card' service called PennyTalk for my international calls. Calls to countries like Germany and Norway are usually just a 2-3 cents a minute, which is a fraction of what AT&T would charge you, even with an international calling plan.

    One of the caveats is of course that you have to first dial the PennyTalk number and when prompted the number you actually want to reach. However, with the iPhone, I found that by using commas after the PennyTalk number it makes enough of a pause to wait for the prompt and then dial the final number automatically. When showing the contact card the phone number looks something like "1 877 736 6925 ,, 011 47 907 21 745". Notice the double comma here which adds twice the "pause".

    With this setup I can pretty much call anyone in the world for just pennies a minute. And there are no obnoxious menus to deal with! I wonder if AT&T knows about this? ssshhh....

    So how did I get those commas in there? Well, I actually had to enter them in the Mac OS X Address Book application since the regular telephone keypad on the iPhone did not have a way to enter commas. But after a short sync all those cheap numbers are ready to go!

    Onar Vikingstad's Blog:
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    Interesting, but personally I think a VOIP app will be better for me at least.
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    The great thing about PennyTalk would be the ability to make international calls when you weren't on Wi-Fi or 3G Network. When traveling overseas I'll definitely be using a VOIP app.
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    Makes sense.
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    international calls

    you can use the from your mobile or pc.

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