Cheap macbook RAM in the US? (UK buyer)


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Sep 18, 2007
London, United Kingdom (UK) a (going to be) UK new macbook (SR 2.2) owner and wanted to upgrade my RAM to either 2 or 4 gb's but was wanting to know the best places (online) to get cheap RAM in the US because the price of RAM is pretty steep over here...and despite shipping costs..know it would work out a lot cheaper to buy across the pond!


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One thing to bear in mind here...

cheap RAM is more likely to have problems than branded RAM.

And while many places offer lifetime warranties, they're going to add expense onto your purchase if there are any problems.

With some stuff, shipping from the US makes a lot of sense. With RAM, unless you're purchasing it in person over there, trying it out and checking all is OK before you leave the country, it could be a little risky.

Orcalogic and eBuyer had some reasonable UK prices when I last looked for iMac RAM.


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Oct 29, 2007

I just got a new MB this weekend and love it so far. Id like to upgrade the RAM as well but would def. prefer to buy branded reliable RAM. Anyone know a good site to order it on. WOuld really appreciate a link to the exact RAM i need. Much appreciated


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Jan 21, 2007
Last week I bought a 2GB kit for my macbook (see my sig) from I'm from the UK and found they were cheap, and very quick with the delivery. Can't recommend them highly enough. I'm also chuffed with the speed increase overall!
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