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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by CIA, Sep 14, 2009.

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    While not for "Home Theater" use, the point is the same.

    Our TV station is looking for a simple way to hook up a computer for onscreen playback. You know, to play quicktime video's and Flash stuff off the web. (youtube clips, etc). We have plenty of soundboard inputs, so I know audio isn't an issue, just hook up the 1/8" plug to the board with a splitter.

    Video is a little more tricky. We are still fully SD. I wish we were HD as this would be a lot easier (DVI-HDMI, problem solved).

    I need to output what's on my screen to a RCA (or BNC, but I can just use a RCA-BNC adaptor.).

    There are a bunch of $5 cables to take VGA to RCA/SVideo, but I know unless you are outputting the proper resolution from your screen the TV won't play it back. I found This which seems like it will work, and has VGA pass through also so we can hook it up to an existing monitor.
    If that will work, what is the minimum computer needed these days to play back flash and 480p quicktime movies? I have a old iBook G4 1.25 that studders on them, so I'm guessing that's the bottom of my options.
    We don't have a lot of room in master control for a new machine, so I figured I could just buy a old used xserve, put it in the rack and run the converter off of that. Do you think a dual g4 1ghz xserve can handle flash and basic h.264 playback? It could run 10.5.8. Remember this only needs to be able to play SD. I figure we can just use zoom (Option+command +/-) to zoom in on whatever we need to show. Again, this is just basic playback, nothing fancy like CNN.

    I figure a core duo mac mini could also handle this stuff, but they are almost as expensive as older used G4/G5 xserves since they are tiny and good as media servers. Given it's super limited use, I don't want to spend a lot on this, $400 tops.

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