Cheap PCIe SCSI card?

Dark Goob

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Jun 6, 2007
Portland, OR
I have an old Nikon scanner that runs on SCSI. I would like to hook it up to Mac Pro 2009. The problem is my PCI SCSI card that came with the scanner is not PCIe. And all the PCIe SCSI cards out there appear to be super expensive and intended for much higher end purposes than my crappy old scanner.

Is there any kind of cheap PCIe SCSI card?

Gav Mack

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Jun 15, 2008
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A blast from the past!

I still have a few old SCSI devices myself which I still use an old adaptec pci card on one of my windows PC's. For PCIe on the mac though search eBay for a genuine used adaptec 29320LPE PCIe card as I think that has OSX support. Stay away from the oem cards not sure if they will work...
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