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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Buschmaster, Jul 21, 2006.

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    Feb 12, 2006
    I need some cheaper software... I may just go out and buy Photoshop as I have used it quite a bit before, however, can Photoshop and iPhoto be enough to tackle something? Or would you recommend a piece of software specifically for a photographer starting out? Remember I want it to be on the cheaper end of software. (Not Macromedia Suite;))

    Another question I have, I have a Sony DSC-W50. I bought it for just using around but now since discovering macro mode and how great taking outdoor pictures can be I've started doing that. I know a lot of you have fantastic cameras, but I want to probably just wait until I'm out of college, or at least later on in college, before getting a really nice camera. What could you suggest for making this less-than-professional camera to look better?
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    I use iPhoto and Photoshop for my professional photography. Despite it's limitations, iPhoto is good for organizing originals. You can set iPhoto up to open a file right into Photoshop for editing. Of course, right now Adobe's Lightroom is in Beta and is free (until they officially release it). You cant get cheaper than free, though it probably will cost upwards of $400 when it is released. I've never used Aperture as the price tag and system reqs are prohibitive for me. It has recieved mixed reviews. I believe that when you buy Photoshop you also get Bridge, with is helpful for managing photos as well.
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    If you want a lower price look at "gimp"

    If is very much like photoshop and it's free. Unlike Photoshop it can run native on an Intel Mac. People with new Intel Macs may prefer gimp, at least until CS3 is released.

    For anyone who shots Nikon take a lok at "Cature NX". This software uses some new ideas that will give PS, Gimp and thiose like them a run for the money

    If you are woried about the price of software there is a free alturnative for almost everything you can think of. Most of the free software was written for unix based systems but Mac OSX being unix based can take advantage of it.
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    Nov 3, 2005
    You can also use photoshop elements which is a fraction of the price of photoshop (about £49), it doesn't have all the advanced features though...

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