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    I posted this as a problem in the past. Now it's solved.

    At a remote location, I had an AppleTV connected to an HDTV set. In another room of that location I had an iMac G5 with an Airport Exoress Wireless card. I'd enabled Internet Sharing from Ethernet to Airport on the iMac. But the AppleTV was never able to detect the wireless network.

    Half the Apple staffers I'd talked to said this setup would never work, and that I'd need a base station; the other half said, of course it would work, but couldn't say why it wasn't.

    Finally, I arrived at the remote location in person. I installed an Airport Express (the little white box) in between the iMac and the AppleTV, and configured it to automatically join an existing wireless network (the one created by the imac. As if by magic, the AppleTV picked up the wireless net, synced, and began functioning normally.

    So, I conclude, a full hardware base station and router is not needed. The software router the iMac creates is sufficient for the AppleTV's operation, assuming adequate signal strength. I assume, but have not proven, that if the two devices had been closer together, the intermediary would not have been needed.

    Tom DeBoni
    Oakland, CA

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