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Sep 10, 2015
Pompano Beach, FL
Where do you guys buy your bands? (I'm in the US).

For instance, Apple has free shipping but includes tax.

Places like B&H or Adorama have free shipping & no tax (except NJ & NY I think) but only watches, no bands.

Best Buy has free shipping (?), tax, but 5% back on purchases with membership. etc...

Also, when buying off ebay how do you tell if it's a genuine Apple band? For instance, I'm looking at the Azure one right now & there are a wide range of prices, from $27 to $85.

Are their certain ebay sellers known to offer them?



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May 24, 2010
Apple and other retailers charge tax when they have a storefront or other building in your state, just an fyi why some retailers charge tax and some don’t. The State governments require that, not the retailer.

As for ebay, check the seller’s rating of course, but also look for them using the appropriate color names, model numbers, or using words such as authentic or genuine in the title. Also if it is less than $20 it is probably a knockoff. If they have the box or unopened box, even better.

I can tell by feel which of my bands are official and which are knockoffs, there is a difference in texture (smooth vs grainy, and even temperature perceptions Apple’s feeling cooler to the touch). Also. Apple has little initials for band sizes that most 3rd party bands don’t bother to copy.
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Jan 29, 2008
You can try your luck on Craigslist or eBay. I picked up a black sports band with a black pin for $22. It was claimed to be new, though without original packaging. When it arrived, it did indeed look new, no marks or anything on it. So I think it's a good deal compared to $50 MSRP.

If you look around you can find other original bands for cheaper, especially if you are willing to accept a used (but in good condition) band. It's also one of the ONLY ways to find the midnight blue sports band with the gold pin.
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