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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Theclamshell, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Hey folks,

    Unfortunately, my 2011 17" macbook Pro seems to have suffered a logic board failure. I had been using it along with iMovie '11 to edit 4k videos for a YouTube channel I run (iMovie '11 won't export in 4K but the clips were recorded off an iPhone 7 in 4K). While I will be getting it repaired (genius bar appt. tomorrow), I have been thinking about getting a different machine to edit 4K video with as my MBP lags pretty bad. I can't tell if it lags because the clips are imported in iMovie '11 or because the machine is old.

    Can anyone recommend the cheapest machine that I could get away with editing 4K videos on with iMovie? I would be fine with going and also buying a $499 mac mini tomorrow but am not sure if that machine would be capable of editing 4k videos without lagging. Any input? I'm fine with buying a used machine off craigslist as well and my budget is under $600 which rules out the new iMacs.
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    Repairing that 2011 will be almost impossible they just don@t have any more parts for it after the free repair for failed graphics that ended on the 31st dec 2016!! It's undoubtedly the logic board and even if they had some it would cost more than the machine would be worth!!

    2012 15 inch retina MacBook pro or the 2012 non retina, you may find one under $600 that's about your only decent option in that price range to be honest and a quick look at ebay shows $650 to $800 being a more realistic price.
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    It's no longer worth paying to get the 2011 model fixed.

    That money would be better spent towards something newer.

    A 2015 15" might be the answer.

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