Cheapest place to get the LED Cinema Display?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Jardins de Vin, Jul 26, 2014.

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    I was looking for 27" LED Cinema Displays online and was surprised how expensive they still are. Those I've seen are up to 3 years old (or more?), sometimes with scratches and cost almost as much as the new thing. I think that's a bit much for a discontinued product…

    I would need it for a 5,1 Mac Pro and therefore I can't go with the Thunderbolt Display, because the Mac doesn't have Thunderbolt.
    I'm also scared of buying this display online, I've had an iMac (which I believe uses the same display more or less) and they were known for having display issues. I'm not sure what it's like when there's no computer "behind" the screen, but I see lots of models with pixel and lightning problems for sale for extremely high prices.

    I also looked at (Apple) alternatives: like the earlier cinema displays, which also existed in 30" form. They are damn expensive as well…

    I know that Apple might release a new display or several new displays in the near future. I don't need ultra high resolution however. It's for music production, so a large screen is of use because I see a lot, and something that is easy on my eyes after many many hours is good as well. So I don't need 4K or something…

    I was happy with the 27" from the iMac and would like to have this size again. Even if it can have issues, some sellers give you a warranty and eventually also an extended one, so I would be okay with the 27" Cinema Display. I don't know if I'd like to go with smaller screens. I'm writing from a 15" right now which is fine, but for work… meh.

    I didn't really look into non-Apple alternatives and don't really want to tbh, I don't want to buy a screen and realise it's nothing for me although everyone said how great it is and received great scores.

    What do you believe where I could get the LCD Cinema Display (27") for the best price? I've read from people here who bought some refurbished in the Apple Store for as low as 400 Euros. I can't seem to find any in any of the Apple Stores…

    Thanks a lot!
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    The only idea I have is to use this service to monitor the refurb store for you. It will send you a notice when the ACD show up in the refurb store. Make sure you go to settings at the top right of the page and select your country first.
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    I would say try something like craigslist this way you can try it out but honestly i would consider an alternative. The ATD is nice because you get the thunderbolt hub as a bonus but the cinema display while you get some USBs isn't as useful plus I have heard stories of the displays failing and replacing the panel is just as much as a new ATD.

    But i agree they are insanely high for how old they are and IMHO not worth the risk at the price that a failure may occur. If i were to spend the money I would grab something different a save a few bucks and get a nicer monitor. But if you want an apple display I would look for the 30 inch one which should cost a bit less than a used 27 ACD.

    EDIT: I see you said euros, sorry about that but perhaps something similar exists where you are where you can try it in person
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    This is funny, I was actually thinking that someone should do a site exactly like this haha! The only thing missing would be an option to be notified when there's one available in other countrie's stores as well. I have family in so many neighbour countries, it's so close and I could be missing a good deal :)

    I'm starting to have my doubts as well…*I don't need Thunderbolt really, I wouldn't mind such a display however if the price was good and was compatible with my Mac Pro, which it isn't. :( Maybe I would even be ready to pay the full price, if I could also get Apple Care with 3 years warranty, but at the moment there's no way to buy a new Apple display for the classic Mac Pro, it sucks I guess.
    the 30" would be nice although it's still expensive, even for ones with heavily damaged cases and technical problems, I don't get this…

    I'll open a new thread, CD vs. old CD :)

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