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    Has anyone had problems with a UK company called Cheapest UK iPod Repairs? They have had my sons iPod Nano in for repair for 14 months now. They have returned the device on at least 3 occasions and each time the 'repair' has been found wanting (dust behind the screen, scratches, poor workmanship, components hanging off, etc); the last time they even tried to fob us off by sending a 4mb version back instead of the 8mb one we sent.
    I am interested to know if anyone else has had problems as I am intending to take this up with their credit card company if the matter is not resolved quickly and satisfactorily.
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    Apple spend time and money maintaining a Genius bar for a reason.
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    14 months? ... your Son's iPod is their shop tunes
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    I have had the unfortunate displeasure of using this company also - address in WILMSLOW, dealt with Simon and David, here is the email I sent them after they totally BODGED my 9 yr old sons iPad 2 (smashed screen), but looking at all the other posts it seems I was lucky to get the iPad back at least, I ended up losing my temper when trying to explain the bodged repair and threatened them over the phone.....heres the mail I sent today:-

    Hello Again (still unsure who I am communicating with....ridiculous I know?)

    Again I will re-list the points I made earlier from the original email regarding your totally substandard service/repair:-

    1. Screen scratched.......
    2. Airbubbles underneath the screen......due to your technicians leaving the protective plastic screen on the UNDERSIDE of the glass, see photo.
    3. Home Button not working (working perfectly well before)........
    4. Gap between the glass and the bottom edge of the iPad (moves when you touch the screen) not properly seated.
    5. Tool Marks between the glass and the aluminium bezel........

    and additionally:-
    6. The 4 retaining screws in the LCD panel were missing - I would like those returned please.
    7. Home button connections not lined up and squint, causing loss of Home button functionality - fairly important on an iPad!

    They are just from the repair. Some more information.
    On Tuesday 13th March I spoke to Simon initially, he convinced me on the phone I was using the best company on the market and stated that my iPad would be repaired to 'as new' condition - UNTRUE.
    On Wed he left a message at approx 1900hrs to say that he had received the iPad - TRUE.
    On Thursday he took payment for the repair, originally stated on the phone that the price would be £99.95 inc vat and next day return delivery - FALSE, my account has actually been debited £109.95, he then stated I would receive the iPad in the post on Friday before 1300hrs - FALSE, I contacted him on Friday night and he said he would return my call with a tracking number - FALSE - THIS NEVER HAPPENED, HE NEVER REPLIED AS PROMISED!
    I received the iPad at 1000hrs on Tuesday 20th March - TRUE
    The iPad repair was a disgrace - TRUE.
    As stated in earlier emails I will admit to losing my temper, due to the fact that you weren't allowing me the time to explain the defects from the repair and were talking over me, also not allowing me to acquire a contact name from your company (so far only Simon and David) very unprofessional.
    For the loss of my temper I apologise, as I did yesterday evening when I returned another call to Simon.

    This is the last time I will ask for any sort of refund or compensation then I'm afraid its time to start trawling the Forums and contact Rogue Traders........
    Ive tried to be respectful and am willing to try and start again to make it easier for all concerned. However I will not return the machine to yourselves. I honestly just do not trust you again.

    I have a new replacement iPad ordered with Apple and I also have ordered a new digitizer (£32) and will carry out the repair on the damaged one myself, Ive already stripped and rebuilt (twice) the one that you 'bodged'. I can't understand how you got it so wrong, its a very simple procedure.

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    I think a chat with Trading Standards might be in order?
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    14 months, you could have made a second son by the time they took to repair your ipod lol :p i would just take it to apple

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