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    Just recently released Feed My Panda for iPhone and iPod Touch and would love your opinions. Thanks guys.

    Download Feed My Panda Now

    Feed My Panda is based on very hungry Panda who needs you to help collect food to satisfy his appetite. Panda’s favourite food is Ketchup Candy, Rice n’ Cheese and Ice Cream Egg! However he is afraid of Pumpkings therefore avoid them to keep Panda happy. There are 3 One-Minute modes all with a twist and points are given for total food collected.

    Buffet Mode: Panda is starving and he is too lazy to move and needs you to move his head around the screen to catch food that rises and falls.

    Snack Mode: Panda’s mouth will move up and down the screen, tap the food when it is in his mouth.

    Stuffed Mode: Panda is full up however he wants you to save him some food for later so collect as much as you can. Oh look out for the crazy Power Ups they can help your cause

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    Game Description

    Hi, I have added the full description

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