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Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by 6825924, Jan 2, 2013.

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    I tried to do a bezel fix with sandpaper but I failed and had to do half the iPhone.
    It's still a pretty nice look though.
    Feel free to comment

    Be careful when you try this yourself! You shouldn't watch the bezel but mostly think about the screen.
    You have to rub pretty hard before you'll get a noticeable difference on the bezel so you'll become confident en not scared to make mistakes.
    After a while I got too confident and started pushing really hard and not I didn't look where I put the most pressure on.
    The most pressure was on the screen (because of my other hand) and now it makes a squeaky noise in certain positions.
    I'd rather remove the screen first before doing this, don't make the same mistake I did. Apart of that, enjoy your customized phone:)

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    Looks awesome. Would sandpapering the back also look the same?


    I found pictures of a completely sandpapered iPhone 5 (sides and back):

    I want to sandpaper the sides of mine now...
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    You would feel now the debate of White Vs Black now favors more towards buying a white iPhone 5 rather?
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    The back wouldn't really look the same, I've done mine a little bit too, I rather keep the original color


    I would definitely buy the white one. I didn't because they told me it was 'gay' for men to have a white phone. But man, the black version gets scratched so easily. at least my one does.


    Also, the front bezel is very hard to do, it will always be a little be chipped

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