Resolved Check out this modded gold colored classic :)

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Feb 12, 2015
This is my gold U2 Ipod Classic 256gb SSD mod.
It's capable of also going the 512GB or 1TB route, but
opted for the 256gb for the time being with this one.

I did this mod with a gold faceplate, red clickwheel,
gold center button, thick gold U2 back plate, a 7.5G
motherboard (7th gen thin 160gb board), a Tarkan
SSD iFlash adapter, Samsung PM851 256GB SSD,
and lastly a 1900mah battery, (which is why I went
with the thick back plate with this one. With this
battery it's a tight fit, but pretty much a perfect
fit at that.)

You can do this mod with a 7th gen thin 160gb
motherboard, but if you went the thick back plate
route for the bigger battery the headphone jack
would also need to be changed to the longer
cabled one that would fit the 6th gen thick back plate.

Here's some pics, let me know what you all think of it...

Holla back if you have any questions or comments....



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Aug 29, 2009
Looks garish to me, but whatever makes you happy.

I'm working on my own iPod project, and opted for silver and a black scroll wheel. I'm thinking about a custom back case to make it easier to re-open, but I'm not sure at this point.

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Feb 12, 2015
I do like it.
Personally, a polished gold front plate (to match the back) would be an attractive alternative.
Yeah, that would be cool @ a polished front to match
the back. Might be something I need to look into.

The pics really don't do this one any justice.
I still have the plastic on the screen, that's
why the screen looks scratchy, but it's actually
brand new underneath. I'll probably sell this one
so I left the plastic on screen.

I'm just in the process of testing how many hours
of play time I can get off of one charge with it.
Right now it's going on 36 hours of playing at
half volume. It still has a long way to go cause
the battery is still 3/4 full. I want to see if I can
hit the 100 hour mark off of one charge. That'll
be impressive enough for me.

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Feb 12, 2015
Sweeeeeeet Mod :)
Thanks for the comment !

I just got done testing the battery I put in it.

Fully charged, I let it play until it it couldn't play anymore.

It played continuous for over 110 hours off one charge!
I was wowed. Ok, check, battery is good to go!

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Feb 12, 2015
Impressive playback time with the mSATA onboard. I also have the a 2000mah battery on mine.
hey hey,

Thanks for the message and all that good stuff.

Srry for lateness in replying, ahh, been getting some overtime in at
the full time job.

Yeah man, I think I opted for the right choice just going ahead and
using SSD drives versus SD cards. I don't want to have to deal with
which SD's will work and which ones won't, not to mention the price
difference between the 2, and also kinda truly sold on the fact that
the SSD, in my totally own honest opinion is much better in the long
run than that of an SD card, especially when using the best ssd's
the market has to offer, Samsung hands down, but toshiba and
even lite-on branded ssd's as the runners up. I personally haven't
had one single issue with them 3 brands of SSD's, and knowing
all 3 brands work on all gen models from the 5g up to the 7th g,
along with being mated to Tarkan's adapter boards, it simply doesn't
get any better than this, truly speaking.

I wanted to ask you a question about your battery life with the
2000mah battery you're using. Have you tested yours yet from a
full charge to see what type of battery life in hours your getting
from it ? Or, do you by chance have a pic you can post of the
battery you're using. I believe I know which battery it is, but
just wanted to double check with you.

also, add me as a friend if you'd like. I've been a reader on this
site for some years now, just to get good info from others, but
just recently started this ID, this month, suitable for me :)
but wanted to finally get into posting stuff of my own.
It's nice to come on here and bump into people such as yourself,
especially when it comes to the modding of these ipods.
I like to make projects like this fun. I'm sure you probably feel
the same. We'll pick up where apple let it go, you know.

Ok, sorry so long winded. Catch up with you later, take care, Jason

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Feb 12, 2015
I actually just received this one from China today, its going in my iPod 5.5G soon. I haven't done the continues playback test on mine yet.
Thanks for the pics man. Hey, if you get a moment, can you
possibly snap a pic of the battery sitting in the back plate ?
Your battery looks (almost) the same as mine with it by itself.
Sitting in the back plate will give more of a perspective of it's
actual size. I know the batteries I have sit in the case pretty
snug from left to right, but height wise, fits right under the
headphone jack and cable. The only space I have left in the
back plate is where the original battery would have gone.

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Feb 12, 2015
Yeah the one I have is taller but skinnier. There's some pics on eBay
Ahh, gotcha, I've seen that one before, and of course, it's a good one.

As far as from the price perspective, I was able to score these 1900mah
batteries in a bulk pack for $7 apiece, so at that price, it's pretty much
an open and shut case, you know, not to mention they fit perfectly,
and, if all goes well, soon enough, I have room in the case to install a
bluetooth transmitter, which would simply be awesome to have in it.